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Local Newspaper Announces Business

The Local Community newspaper "Port Rowan Good News" often supports new businesses.



Ways We Strive To Give Back

Serving Through Church

 Char & Brian have served in various church functions since moving to Port Rowan, Ontario.   Now they are committed to serving the community through their church, "The Mission"  in Frogmore, Ontario

Partnering with Global Shore Opportunities

Brian and Char continue to support the ministry and education of the Guatemalan children through a Canadian organization called Global Shore Opportunities.   This organization has founded and supports the growth of CCAF school  in the Guatemalan community El Tizate.  In addition to the school, GSO has also constructed approximately 25 homes in El Tizate and the surrounding area. 

Our Privacy Policy


The goal of Dreambuilders Renovations and Repairs is to serve our customers to the best of our ability. To meet our goal, as well as your needs, we collect personal information that helps us serve you better. We also recognize and respect your right to privacy and will do everything possible to protect your personal information.  This privacy policy discloses the privacy practices for Dreambuilders Renovations and Repairs. It applies solely to information collected by this web site (

Collection of Customer Information

Dreambuilders Renovations and Repairs collects personal information from potential customers in order to book appointments and provide estimates.  This information may include your name, address, phone number and email address.  On this website you can choose to submit your information via our “Contact Us” page. If you choose to do this you will need to provide your name, email address and the purpose for contacting us. In the message you may also provide your phone number if you choose to do so.   This information is then sent in the form of an email to our business office manager for someone from our office to contact you regarding your inquiry. 

We never share our client or potential client information with outside sources unless you specifically request us to for a specific reason.  If you do not want to submit your information on our online form you may simply call our office and we will attempt to answer your questions over the phone or set up an appointment for someone to meet with you. A voice message may be left with your name and number for a return phone call if we are unavailable to take your call immediately. 

This website will never ask you to disclose any financial information, nor will we request that information be shared with us via email.

All information and photos submitted for testimonials are at the decision and discretion of the  customer.  Photographs taken by Dreambuilders Renovations and Repairs posted to our website are used by permission of our customers.  Testimonials are submitted voluntarily without compensation or reward as an expression of customer satisfaction.

Customer Protection

The information we collect is solely for our business purposes, and will NEVER be sold, distributed or shared with outside parties. We will not use your information for any purposes other than those discussed with you, including arrangements with other contractors, electricians, plumbers, etc.

We will not obtain or disclose your personal information without your consent. If it is necessary to share any of the information you have given us in order to complete your request we will always get your consent before that information is shared.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, or if you wish to access or change your personal information please call the office at 519-586-9530 to speak to Charlotte or Brian or email them at

Frequently Asked

Why We Need To See Your Place Before Estimating

The most frequently asked questions we receive are:

  • "How much do you charge or How much will it cost to .....?" 

There are simply too many changeable factors to give a set price. We need to view your home, measure and discuss your vision and the possibilities with you

For example, if we are discussing painting your home:

  • what paint colour have you chosen  and how many coats will it take
  • what colour are the walls currently (some colours are harder to cover)
  • what are the condition of your walls (how much prep work will it need)
  • what kind of paint are you choosing (we only use Benjamin Moore)
  • how many windows and doors will we have to paint around 
  • do you want the trim and baseboard paintinged also
  • do you want the ceilings painted